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Refine edge in Photoshop CC - Improve selection

When You want to cut out shapes with a detail edge, the Refine Edge comes handy. I'll show how to improve the edge of the butterfly by using The Refine Edge Tool.
I have used different selection tool to cut the butterfly free from the dark background, the Quick Selection Tool, the Magic Wand Tool, the Lasso Tool and the Pen Tool.
I have split the photo up in different part as layers to refine the edge, and have used the suitable selection tool depending of the nature of the edge. What ever selection tool I have used, I have used the Refine Edge tool.

I have removed the black background and can now use whatever background I want.

The butterfly's wing are cut free with the Quick Selection tool. The photo at the right have been refine ind the Refine Edge tool.

Click on the Radius slider and begin dragging it towards the right and You'll see the edge improve.

If You select Show Edge You can see when You get all the details in the edge.

The Refine Radius Tool will give You a wider radius lokaly and the Erase Refinement Tool will bring the radius back to standard.

At the View Mode You can chose the best background for viewing the edge.

With a detailed edge it's usually best to leave the first three options, Smooth, Feather and Contrast set to 0.
With the Shift Edge it's possible to increase or decrease the selected array.

The Decontaminate Colors Will change the rest of the color from the original background color to the color of the edge.

When the Decontaminate Colors are selected the default output is New Layer with Layer Mask . Output to Selection or Layer Mask are not possible.

Som of the thisle and the butterfly's antennae was to dark to cut it free with the Quick Selection Tool or the Magic Wand Tool. Thats why I used the Pen Tool. Because the surface of the 2 items are smooth I have used Smooth and a little bit Feather from the Adjust Edge menu.
To get the legs i paintet the thisle and some of the legs black and used the Magic Wand tool on the black array and inverted. I've now got some of the leg. I did it the same way to get the rest of the legs and the thisle.





About, Bird photography, Landscape and Seascape, Macro and extreme macro photography, Surreal trick photography